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  2. The Subscription Plans The subscription plans are a new feature to Heartland CBD. We have talked in the past about getting it started, and now we have it up for everyone! Our first and main subscription plan can be viewed here. You are able to view this same page by going to the top menu and mouse over "Store" and select "Subscription". Understanding Prices When you see our pricing, remember, it will include taxes. In the picture above, you see that the cost is $50.28 + $48.14 per 30 days. This translates to: First purchase costs you $50.28. Your next purchase of the subscription will happen automatically in 30 days from your purchase date. Your next payment is $48.14, and re-occurs every 30 days (at $48.14) from your first payment date. This means that if you were to purchase your oil on April 3rd, 2019 which would cost you $50.28 on your first order. Your next charge would be exactly 30 days later on Friday, May 3rd, of 2019. You are free to cancel your subscription at any time.
  3. Veteran Members Support Guide Welcome back to Heartland CBD, if you're in this section, it's for one of a few reasons: You have already had and created your military account with us, and you were looking to make sure it works It should work, try logging in. If logging in fails, contact me directly at: +1-727-244-2153 and I will help you as quickly as possible. You have already submitted for your veterans account, and you are waiting to be verified. Verification may take up to 7 business days We work hard to ensure all accounts are not fraudulent You are curious about the benefits you have as a veteran / active service for yourself or a loved one who served or is serving now. To learn more about our veteran discount and active military service benefits, visit our official registration site at VeteranCBD.us\ If you are still having troubles, you are free to reach out to us via the support feature, posting here directly, creating a new discussion thread, or calling me directly to ensure that you have proper and direct customer service for your technical needs. When calling the store about these troubles, the available staff may or may not know how to assist you with online difficulties. Don't give up, and call me!
  4. Joseph Heinzman Jr.

    Heartland CBD™ - Certificates of Analysis (COAs)

    Oil COA's Lotion Crafters COA_Shea_ButterRefined_US0180828-11127.pdf
  5. Joseph Heinzman Jr.

    Heartland CBD™ - Certificates of Analysis (COAs)

    Terpene COA's All Terpene isolates are single sourced from TrueTerpene.com Links: Alpha_Phellandrene_COA_True_Terpenes.pdf Alpha_Pinene_COA_True_Terpenes.pdf Beta_Caryophyllene_COA_True_Terpenes.pdf Beta_Pinene_COA_True_Terpenes.pdf Delta_3_Carene_COA_True_Terpenes.pdf Eucalyptol_COA_True_Terpenes.pdf Geraniol_COA_True_Terpenes.pdf Humulene_COA_True_Terpenes.pdf Limonene_COA_True_Terpenes.pdf Linalool_COA_True_Terpenes.pdf Terpinolene_COA_True_Terpenes.pdf
  6. Heartland CBD™ - Certificates of Analysis (COAs) Hemp COAs Hemp extract is single sourced from Oregon due to the targeted high Terpene results for Beta-Caryophellene and Alpha-Bisabolol Links Green Leaf Report 12.05.18 Extract.pdf BT-345-10131-272019.pdf
  7. Billy Bones 500

    $52.42 Including Tax.

  8. Pet Blend 500

    $52.42 Including Tax.

  9. Pet Blend 200

    $32.09 Including Tax.

  10. $32.09 Including Tax.

  11. $52.42 Including Tax.

  12. $105.92 Including Tax.

  13. $95.22 Including Tax.

  14. $69.54 Including Tax.

  15. $52.42 Including Tax.

  16. Welcome to Heartland CBD™ ! We're so happy to have you! Heartland CBD has made lot of changes online, and while we have been experimenting with a lot of them, we've finally got a robust and easy to use online store front that allows you to easily buy, and allows us to directly interface with our customers in a whole new way! The following guide applies to new and returning customers as of April 14th 2019. For New Customers Be sure to Sign Up for your FREE Heartland CBD Members Account. Click on the Sign Up button at the top right hand corner of the screen and complete the information. For Returning Customers Your account still exists! That's right, we've saved your login information, we've just got to transfer all of your previous orders over, all of your information, and get it migrated over. You may still make purchases! If you make a purchase, you may need to put in your address information if we have not yet gotten to your account. Having trouble logging in? Here are a few tips: Log in with your e-mail Your username is probably different You may change your username once you log in. (1 time per 360 days) Use Forgot My Password if you are having problems call our temporary emergency technical support line at: 📱 +1-727-244-2153 👈Tap to call Sign In Fast & Easy The easiest way to sign in is to use the link in the top left hand side of the header. Type your e-mail address, your most recent password. (If you never changed your password, then it is the same password you've always had.) You will want to mark the "Remember Me" option if you are on your home computer or personal device. ------------------------------------------------- CHANGE LOG: 04/14/2019 @ 11:15 PM Eastern Time - User Groups Beginning to be restored. 04/14/2019 @ 9:10 PM Eastern Time - Veteran and Wholesale user groups created ----------------------------------------------------------
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